"Das kleine Vergnügen"

01 Oct 2017 - Vienna

"Das kleine Vergnügen" (Shop of little pleasures), the highly acclaimed comedy by Julia Frick premiers on October 9th and reaches cinemas on October 12th.

"To build a fire" in Cannes

31 Aug 2015 - Cannes

"Jack London's - To build a fire" has been selected for the Cannes Short Film Festival and will be shown at the Cinema Pathé Masséna in Nice next week.

"To build a fire" Premiere

16 Jan 2015 - Woergl, Austria

"To build a fire", the new movie by austrian film maker Robert Spindler premiered in Woergl, Austria. Soundtrack available now.

The Content Lab

02 Dec 2014 - Munich, Cologne, Ibiza

Excitement for automotive commercials powered by "The Content Lab". Fasten your seatbelt and take a ride with the new showreel.

Film Festival Hof 2014

24 Oct 2014 - Hof, Germany

"Into the suite", the new movie by Detlef Bothe runs as a special screening after the official program in Hof tonight. Saturday | 0.15 | Scala | 747

Into the suite

01 Jul 2014 - Munich, Germany

"Into the suite", the new movie by Detlef Bothe is finished and ready to premiere worldwide. Watch the trailer & follow on facebook.

"Fronny" comes alive

30 Jun 2014 - Munich, Germany

After hiding for a long time, "Fronny" finally comes alive. Find out more about our little friend making his way to the cinema screen.

"Fronny" soloist recordings

13 May 2014 - Munich, Germany

After the recording of the full orchestra cues last week, the violin, clarinet and horn soloists recordings were finished today.

Film Festival Hof 2013

21 Oct 2013 - Hof, Germany

The "WIR" trilogy has it’s german premiere on the "47th Hofer International Film Festival" from October 22 -  27,  2013.

"Judengasse" Cinetapis Rouge

27 Sep 2013 - Montréal, Canada

"Judengasse", runs on the "Cine Tapis Rouge Film Festival" in Montrèal, Kanada. "Programmation Bavarois", September 28th, 2013 - 13:30

Finished mixing "WIR"

27 Mar 2013 - Munich, Germany

We just finished mixing the soon to be released "WIR" trilogy at Bavaria Studios, Munich. More information is coming soon.

Film Festival Hof 2012

21 Oct 2012 - Hof, Germany

"Judengasse", the second movie in the "WIR" trilogy, has it’s german premiere on the "46th Hofer International Film Festival" 2012.

Jewdyssee & Maya Saban

11 Jul 2012 - Munich, Berlin

The new JEWDYSSEE album "5773" is released on July 13th. I contributed with two productions called "Glik" and "Hinematov" to it.

Cannes 2012 - Judengasse

17 May 2012 - Cannes, France

"Judengasse" runs in the short film corner of the "Festival de Cannes 2012". Music plays an important role in the artistic expression of this movie.

Maya Saban & Hinematov

09 May 2012 - Munich, Berlin, Germany

For the upcoming movie "Judengasse" by Carsten Degenhardt and Miguel Schütz, I am currently producing the song "Hinematov" with Maya Saban.

"Blackout" rated by FBW

21 Oct 2011 - Munich, Wiesbaden, Germany

"Blackout", the first movie of the "WIR" trilogy was rated "valuable" by the Filmbewertungsstelle FBW Wiesbaden.

EAV "Neue Helden" in stores

08 Aug 2011 - Munich, Germany

The new EAV album "Neue Helden" is in stores now. I co-produced 2 songs on this album, "Nostradamus" & "Männer".

Cannes 2011 - Blackout

10 May 2011 - Cannes, France

"Blackout", the first movie in the "WIR" trilogy runs in the short film corner of the Festival de Cannes 2011 from May 11th to the 22nd this year.

"Beyond Remedy "on DVD

19 Jan 2010 - Munich, Germany

"Beyond Remedy" the new thriller featuring Rick Yune, Marie Zielcke, David Gant, Daniel Krauss and Edward Piccin is available on DVD now.

"Der Schrei" rated by FBW

19 Aug 2009 - Munich, Wiesbaden, Germany

"Der Schrei - Eine ganz alltägliche Geschichte" was rated "exceptionally valuable" by the Filmbewertungsstelle FBW Wiesbaden.

"Black out date" wins Award

14 Mar 2009 - Maribor, Slowenia

"Black out date" wins 1. Prize and Award at the 9. TOTI Intern. "Film Festival of Non Commercial Film, Maribor" 2008 in Slowenia.

"Icebound" wins Award

11 May 2007 - St. Kanzian, Austria

"Icebound" (Eiswolke) wins the "Golden Diana" Award 2007 for remarkable cinematography in St. Kanzian / Austria.

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