"Blackout" rated by FBW

21 Oct 2011 - Munich, Wiesbaden, Germany


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The short film "Blackout" tells the story about a woman, who wants to keep the picture of a seemingly sound small family with all means of female capacity of tolerance. She can only then take off her blinkers, symbolised by one consistent camera perspective, when her husband’s drinking escapades, in front of her son, in the form of a violence outbreak, ends.

As often the case in life, her senses come back too late. And the audience witnesses an uncompromising, final altercation, which is not excusable, neither with the inability of hegemonic virility in the post-emancipated age, nor with the cynicism of a blackout.

"Blackout" was rated "valuable" by the Filmbewertungsstelle FBW Wiesbaden.

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