The film recounts the story of the "Blumenfelds", a jewish family in the period from January 1933 up to the November pogroms 1938. For a long time they disavow the gravity of their situation, until their lives collapse at some point in a brutal manner.

Due to the artistic expression of a single camera position over the complete film, the music plays an unconventional role in the storytelling.

Nominated for the German Human Rights Film Award 2012.

Director: Carsten Degenhardt
Director of photography: Nicolas Hüther
Set design: Marcel Beranek
Costume design: Adriana Taratufolo
Editing: Daniel Adam
Screenplay: Carsten Degenhardt, Miguel Schütz

Cast: Elisabeth von Koch, Oliver Bode, Kai Maertens, Thomas Kornack, Alexander Duda, Frederic Welter, Patrick Mölleken, Max Felder, Rainer Haustein, Miguel Schütz, Jona Ruggaber und Leni Wesselman.

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